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Sep 11, 2021

Jeff Sterns was a new general sales manager at a Cadillac and Land Rover dealership that needed a vibe boost. Enter Sean Marra, met through Michael Sterns....Jeff's brother. Sean was a creative guy at a local weekly newspaper. Charged with "make us relevant to the hip crowd", Sean came up with an ad campaign that...

Sep 11, 2021

2:44 Jeff was a new GSM at a Cadillac / Land Rover dealership...with a problem
3:33 Influencers and street marketing
5:15 Will my owner like it? Let's just do it anyway.
5:50 The LEATHER OPTIONAL ad didn't start with Jeff's ad....
11:21 The ultimate off road test

Sep 6, 2021

0:11 Ted moved to Indianapolis to take a job in 3D computer graphics.

0:49 A guy Ted worked with said "I've got a good friend of mine, who's an IndyCar driver. Maybe you know him... Stefan Gregoire...."

1:45 didn't speak a word of English

2:50 Dennis...

Sep 6, 2021

Ted was 11 and saw Swede Savage break the track record in some trials in '73.

1:44 Ted wrote a book about Swede Savage

3:51 Ted brought a transistor radio with him to school, put it in his desk and I had one of those wired earplugs. He turned his head away from the teacher so he wouldn't see Ted's...

Sep 6, 2021

Miles Ahead Motoring:

Ted's book on Swede Savage:

Select audios:

9:51 Ted's kids (because he's all about them)

11:40 an extra in 3 movies

13:21 the side burns

14:22 Image (on video version) of Ted in THE FUGITIVE near Harrison Ford

17:42 What does an...