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Mar 31, 2021

06:48 Ehren did some work with TV show TOP GEAR   

07:23 Ehren co-founds Devin Works watch company. 

07:50 got recruited by Karma automotive     

09:02  Ehren: "I popped out of the womb loving cars"

09:42 Ehren: "I remember actually calling the manufacturers and asking for brochures. So as a teenager, I was getting...

Mar 24, 2021

3:52 Jeff is VP-Sales at CarChat24. What is chat for on a dealership's website?
4:31 What is a "dealership BDC?"
5:39 As a vendor to the car business, Shawn as a dealer taught us how to be better.
6:55 Shawn and Jeff gush about their beginnings and later bromance.
7:15 Shawn says that CarChat24 is the best vendor in...

Mar 24, 2021

2:31 Shawn sympathizes with COVID-19 victims weather it be health, loss of life or change of life, work, etc. 3:38 Shawn believes that the virus leveled the playing field between dealers. 4:50 for those of us not in the business, Shawn explains the term 'digital retailing' and the role of BDC (and what the term...

Mar 24, 2021

3:24 Jeff: PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT on "what is a good deal at a dealership" 
Shawn: sales, makes customers and the service keeps them
6:28 Shawn regarding emphasis on selling cars vs servicing (AKA serving, taking care of the client for years after the sale)
6:55 Shawn debunks the independant vs franchise dealer...

Mar 19, 2021

Jeff Sterns 0:00
So about the new Roma very, very interesting. It's a new v eight, two plus. Now what's interesting is they say two plus but they don't say two plus two. I think you'd have just as much luck getting someone in the backseat of a 911. Don't get me wrong if you had to get somebody across town, maybe sitting...