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Jul 23, 2021

0:41 I started shooting pictures of my defenders and on my personal profile, and the interaction and engagement was kind of surprising.
1:42 in business as of February of 20, 2021 20,000 legitimate organic followers (time of taping, June, '21) on Instagram
2:58 we fabricate a lot of our own parts. We have our own braking system. Sports car braking, Rework the engine. Modern turbo, modern cylinder head, rework the injection pump, the suspension, anti sway bars.
6:13 It takes over 3300 man hours to make this vehicle.
8:35 Vrboska
8:50 I'm kind of scared to tell you what I want. Because I'm afraid you'll tell me no.
11:47 teared up when he saw it.
12:48 none have changed hands
19:52 you're getting friends out of the deal. Yeah, well that's exactly what it is.