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Jul 18, 2021

7:48 Dan's first word was vehicle
8:30 First car Firebird
14:42 Should you have cred if you've never sold a car?
15:56 build sales rapport the typical way...through Trans Ams
19:26 Jeff drove Chevelle, Camaro Z28 and Trans Ams to school for his buddy George Manian's father...a dealer. To put up for sale. It didn't end well.
25:45 "...people who do not have an opportunity to work in the automotive industry are doing themselves an amazing disservice..."
27:50 Car and cannibas business.
29:31 a similarity between the car business and the cannabis...both salespeople want you to smell it.
31:30 The E30 BMW Convertible ex wife and stripper story
33:28 "Write the check"
35:30 Dan vs Nissan on a website
39:03 Dealer ad co-op explained
42:22 2am Trans Am speed tests, the campus police and a borrowed tag
46:39 Jeff, underage driving, a Jeep through the ditch and waiting cops
50:43 The fatal dating mistake