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Nov 15, 2021

2:07 Don't spend all the money on market research and then ignore it.
9:35 "Cimarron, Cavalier with lipstick"

13:15 Look at an '84 and an '86, side by side
16:12 this would make the Edsel pale by comparison
22:42 Allante'
24:45 Research is for girls. Real men do cars from the gut
25:42 The advantages of a zero-tolerance policy
25:43 The Coffee Doughnuts And Phone Guys
31:10 Truck Expert
36:00 Stop selling
36:54 the simplest plans are normally the best
44:10 losing $100 million a year to making almost 2 billion
47:02 all you need to know about warehousing
54:07 Why didn't the UAW like it?
55:13 know the portfolio limitations of the company that you're buying BEFORE you buy it.
1:03:27 Brazil

1:07:08 Look to leadership if you can't make money in a two and a half million market
1:07:53 told Jim McDonald, that we were going to be a 36% company.
1:08:44 We were a 25% company heading to 15.
1:09:09 the ability for an internal organization to come to grips with a problem and fix it is very difficult...external headwinds and external hurricanes come to bear if you can't do it internally. Ultimately, that's... what happened to General Motors.
1:09:22 Rear-wheel-drive minivans
1:14:46 Every senior planner in GM knew that the Japanese were coming with luxury vehicles
1:20:30 Nobody wants to talk about it
1:22:07 Ronald Reagan interrupted a meeting when the Space Shuttle exploded