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Sep 19, 2022

Justin is the son of his loving and proud father as well as legendary racer Derek Bell! Quite an accomplished racer and person on his own!

0:28 LeMans in the rain  
5:30 you don't know if it's 300 feet in front or 100 feet 
8:43 Justin's son was a child actor and now he's he's gone into a big military college at The Citadel. He's going to be an Army Ranger.
15:21 I won the first championship for Chrysler, which, which is great. And the next year, we won the mine. And just basically five years of domination that I wish everyone could experience, because it was just, it just couldn't have been better.

16:48 I don't think it was a nunnery. But the girls were not allowed to have visitors...
20:39 Could be the first time that this story...
23:16 How I never said fuck on TV
24:00 act British, think Yiddish.
43:37 We are recording life and history