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May 19, 2021

04:08 '61 to '73 Marty was editor of cars magazine and Magnum Automotive Group.
6:03 Magnum Automotive Group that made a half a dozen specialty magazines and some one offs
7:43 Marty started 'vette magazine in 1976. Then high performance Pontiac magazine

12:31 travelling Europe with the Swiss Corvette club.25:57 Jay Leno random phone calls
26:39 Marty describing Jay Leno talking about Ford GTs and emission test tricks
42:26 Did the Zora Duntov gift motor help or hurt Marty's Iso Grifo resale value?
45:04 Piero Rivolta saw a Ferrari licence plate frame in Marty's Iso Grifo and ...
46:11 Joe Oldham, was caught one time too many doing burnouts at General Motors proving ground.
48:28 Don't be so impressed with a Hemi straight off the showroom.
50:31 "I enjoyed the 440 6 pack much more" .
52:52 Marty on John DeLorean
54:08 Jeff's Father Dave as a dealer in Detroit. And the race riots.
1:01:42 Marty's favorite engines
1:07:04 Jeff's "old car soul son" Jackson
1:08:58 The Ramchargers Candymatic Dodges with high compression Wedges
1:12:30 "The cars didn't stop. They weren't comfortable. Stuff rattled and shook around and smelled."
1:15:28 The best advice Marty has given
1:19:28 Something you don't know and will be surprised to know about Marty
1:21:35 blessed that I started life with nothing in my pocket and ended up being one happy car guy.