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Aug 31, 2021

SHARING THE LOVE + behind the scenes:

2:57 Randall and Jeff met

3:13 Randall to Jeff: "Do you have any other dealers making a musical???"

3:58 budget was $20,000. it's amazing that 3000 work hours later, 30 people that were unemployed during the pandemic, and 100 days from idea to when it hit the screen. We have a musical.

5:13 James Olmstead a director on Broadway, everyone doing the backup singing sings on Broadway, all the instrument players work on Broadway. Our book writer Henri Schein has written for Broadway. So this was a very high level of work. And our director, Steven Brownback has worked on Broadway

7:57 Jeff on musicals: If they can say it. Why do they have to sing it?

10:00 after the show, there's a 15 minute behind the scenes package that wouldn't have happened if not for Cox Cable

14:00 Randall "if I want a car, where am I going to buy that car is the question."

21:58 Randall's dealership greeting: "If we could make it the most fantastic day ever, what would that look like?"

27:17 VIP (Vehicle In Production) program

29:23 Jeff on car shortages

32:34 Randall vs. Mt. Everest

34:54 "The ledge"

42:05 dead last.

44:28 Randall: it was a trip that brought out who I really was possibly since birth, but it reconfigured the way I thought about my entire life up to that time.