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Nov 15, 2021

1:17 industry was facing intense fuel economy standard pressure 2:35 GM spent $1m on market research
5:12 I cut the forecast in half ... turned out to be worse than that 6:30 no one would speak before Roger spoke
7:49 pre-Acura, Lexus, Infiniti
11:41 Vice Chairman of GM says, "Don't worry, they'll get used to it"
12:55 research tested the Eldo, Seville, C- body cars, Park Avenue, the 98. A whole system of luxury cars that needed to be downsized
14:21 The press will never know this- this is why it's deep secrets revealed. This would make the Edsel pale by comparison.
17:44 No longer the prestige of "I've got the longest car on the block"...what made Cadillac wouldn't matter today