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Nov 25, 2021

0:11 Max Sterns (Jeff's son) introduces Sam and asks a difficult question!
1:04 Was Sam arrested for crimes related to 9/11?
4:47 Auto Forecast Solutions was founded about eight years ago. "I take all the vehicles around the world and figure out how many are going to be built in every plant. We currently do about 60 countries around the world."
5:32 Manufacturers, suppliers, financial houses
6:48 Let's talk about Warren Browne
12:32 first job ended up selling cars. Sold cars for a Ford Lincoln Mercury dealer very poorly
16:47 what are the three positions of British light switch? Off, flicker and dim
17:39 owned an mg for the last 35 years
19:48 Dad got me a job auditing welfare cases in Philadelphia
21:18 Interviewed at Chilton- spent 5 years there
22:24 Jay Geils for mid 70s Ferrari emissions advice?!
27:28 and Bob Lutz?
31:39 Derek Bell on racing as a spectator
31:57 David E. Davis' advice on starting a car magazine
34:07 first writing was for GM High Tech Performance Magazine
36:20 Automotive Traveler
38:01 my dream was to write for Automobile Quarterly Magazine
40:09 first published article in 1998, for Collectible Automobile for about the Vector
41:10 I've always been into cars. My father thought of cars as appliances.
44:11 my dad pulled me aside. "You have to find other interests besides cars!"
44:55 An MG brought my Dad and I closer