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Aug 31, 2021

SHARING THE LOVE + behind the scenes:

1:54 the budget was $20,000. it's kind of amazing that 3000 work hours later, 30 people that were unemployed during the pandemic, and 100 days from idea to when it hit the screen, we had a musical
4:07 Everyone's out of work. No one knows where they're going back to work. Everything's a disaster. I called a friend of mine, who's the creative director at the division diversionary theater here in San Diego. He connected me with Steven who connected me with his people. I connected all of us with my people. And without exception, every single person said yes. I'm just I'm still stunned by that.
7:52 Cox Cable actually gave us airtime at no cost. They produced a 15 minute behind the scenes segment that airs right after the show.