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Mar 24, 2021

3:24 Jeff: PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT on "what is a good deal at a dealership" 
Shawn: sales, makes customers and the service keeps them
6:28 Shawn regarding emphasis on selling cars vs servicing (AKA serving, taking care of the client for years after the sale)
6:55 Shawn debunks the independant vs franchise dealer service myth.

13:37 Shawn on how COVID-19 has forced evolution in the industry. is presented me with my newest career opportunity, where I've just recently been picked up by a fin tech company. And I am a shareholder, and I am going to be involved heavily in the business development as well as product development.
16:20 Shawn on his new career. (outside of a car dealership)

18:44 Jeff schools Shawn on the value of sales vs service people