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Mar 24, 2021

3:52 Jeff is VP-Sales at CarChat24. What is chat for on a dealership's website?
4:31 What is a "dealership BDC?"
5:39 As a vendor to the car business, Shawn as a dealer taught us how to be better.
6:55 Shawn and Jeff gush about their beginnings and later bromance.
7:15 Shawn says that CarChat24 is the best vendor in the business
8:28 Shawn has an impressive dealership pedigree with Spinelli Group (one of the oldest in Quebec) Dilawri (Canada's largest private group), Gravel Group (one of the largest in Quebec) and Silver Star Montreal (Canada's largest Mercedes Benz dealer)
8:53 Sean started after university as a car washer. You'll never believe what he did for the interview.
12:32 Shawn starts in service appointment setting and his curiosity took over!
14:09 Shawn starts in BDC
15:48 Shawn develops a CRM.
17:55 Shawn becomes a servant leader.
19:49 Shawn realises that he is not responsible for the results. He's responsible for the people that are responsible for the results. And Shawn and Jeff discuss various leadership books.
28:02 Shawn was one of the responsible parties for Jeff getting into this podcast.
29:17 Jeff was on YouTube - before there was a YouTube...someone must have transferred it from VHS or beta.Shawn is a servant leader, is a customer service and passion nut and taught me, as his vendor how to improve