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Mar 24, 2021

2:31 Shawn sympathizes with COVID-19 victims weather it be health, loss of life or change of life, work, etc. 3:38 Shawn believes that the virus leveled the playing field between dealers. 4:50 for those of us not in the business, Shawn explains the term 'digital retailing' and the role of BDC (and what the term BDC means) 7:27 Jeff clarifies and reiterates that the USA as a country, is certainly ahead of Canada. 8:29 Shawn describes digital retailing distilled. Perfectly. 10:02 Shawn on why when he makes a BDC call, he's not here to sell anybody. 10:15 Jeff: a very low percentage of people beginning on the internet actually leave in the exact vehicle that they researched or "chose" in advance of the visit. 11:32 Jeff on why it's a great service (to the customer) to get a potential client into the showroom 16:55 Shawn on gaining success through the people he is responsible for. 20:40 Jeff schools Shawn "a well-done steak is NOT ok (neither is medium)" 20:57 Shawn: BDC (dealership Business Development Center) is essentially there to assist, and basically to guide the customers on maybe some elements that they're not aware of. But this only comes through fact finding through questions. 21:54 technically, we're always selling something. selling yourself at every opportunity Really? Well, when you go into a job interview, you're selling yourself, 22:03 let's be clear to the doctors and lawyers watching. Sales is way more important than what you do. :) 22:10 Shawn debunks some dealership rumors (rumours to you in Canada :) ) 23:18 about Carvana and fixed price vs negotiating in dealerships 26:11 Shawn on the "glovebox trunk opener button" 26:22 26:20 Jeff checks to see if Shawn knows he's black (he plays hockey) :) 27:21 Shawn shows off speaking French 28:14 Shawn is related to a pro hockey player! 29:10 problems with 1 price (non-negotiating) dealerships. 30:17 Shawn on shrinking new car margins and how price impacts payments. 34:04 Jeff regarding trying to get a better deal vs dealership advertised specials.