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Sep 7, 2022

07:51 A helicopter for guys that will get flying a helicopter is got to be one of the most brain-sharpening exercises you can do. 08:37 auto rotation is this: fear is the number one enemy of success, lack of fear allows you to fly. Helicopters. 10:15 fear stops people every day. 14:37 here's the thing if you can't immerse yourself at your primary and be amazing at it, don't take on a second thing. 17:23 Dunamis Premium Sprits 18:21 Metropolis Corp, global 24:58 Jeff drinking with clients 28:56 growing up, my family had a lawn service and a landscaping company. And I worked every single day after school 32:07 power is an interesting thing. 34:09 What animal do you relate to? 35:29 Jeff's time in Africa 36:59 Regarding the cheetah 48:55 Discrimination in business 1:03:09 Everyone has the opportunity to be successful, rich, poor, black, white, Hispanic... 1:06:36 What is money to Jeff? 1:11:59 Great parent