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Feb 15, 2021

3:25 Wagner comes into me, he said, I need to move I need somebody to go to Russia. And I said, Well, why are you talking to me? He said, Russia is complex. And I need somebody who I can trust.
4:20 I had the only white escalate in Russia. And why did I have a white escalate? Because every one of the cops in Moscow, after two months knew... that's the guy who's not gonna pay us a bribe.
5:08 Russians were very, very jealous of the Chinese in terms of their industrial expansion, the size of their economy, etc.
13:11 The vice governor actually had the office that was Lennon's and Putin's.
14:57 she said, "Mr. Brown Welcome to St. Petersburg. I just have one question for you. Do you have the authority to negotiate the deal for this plant?"15:24 I said, "Governor, I am General Motors in Russia."
21:59How a bribe could be structured...
22:01 My name is Oleg Deripaska. And I want to build a car with General Motors.
27:43 about two minutes into the chairman of Coke's opening, he starts to coug and he's kind of choking and the cough is getting worse. And the head of Pepsi, Russia is sitting right next to him. He opens a can of Pepsi. And he hands it to Neville. And Neville says, I'd rather die from choking.
28:06 You're moving to Switzerland.
31:35 I land in Zurich, and I don't have a job. I'm the "executive director of new business development"... and screen door repair.
34:40 I call the embassy in Moscow and said you need to hook me with the charge the affairs and commercial attache in Ankara. I need to go and find out who in Turkey's got money, land and who would like to be a partner with General Motors.
35:31 This is but here's your guy right here. He's in Istanbul. He's desperate to get into the car business and he's got money. And we'll set the dinner up for you. I flew from Ankara to Istanbul. Do you want to be in the car business? Well, without being too personal, does $100 million dollars scare you?
40:29 So what am I gonna do? I'm gonna walk through the lobby every morning with my golf clubs.
40:40 here's your assignment. We gave away the distribution for Cadillac Corvette and Hummer in Europe to a distributor, that distributor is going to go broke. And we need to get that distribution contract back. Your job, fly to Amsterdam, and negotiate back what we gave away, which was the distribution rights for Corvette Cadillac and Hummer...all of Europe.
42:23 you could smoke all the marijuana you want in here. But we don't allow cigar smoke in this place.
43:46 And me being directly involved in managing the cash, only to find out good after I retired three months after I retired General Motors went broke.

45:02 Bob Lutz, because I was in the room when it happened...we presented to Jim a five year forecast that said General Motors was going to be a 36% company before the mid share at the time 43.
45:48 Jeff: 1 point could cost shut down a plant,
46:19 Lexus wasn't here. Infinity wasn't here. Acura wasn't here yet.
47:10 we told the GM, that the Japanese are going to build luxury cars
52:24 I retired, I bought a 2009 Malibu out of California.
59:01 I don't even think Janet knows. I'm visiting my one of my brothers grave for the first time. Something like both folks never ever, ever talked about
1:01:29 being a better father at 69 than I was at 29 if I come close to accomplishing that at all. That's enough of a bucket list for me