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Apr 29, 2021

Kevin, what he hopes you think at his funeral! It's 4 minutes! For gosh sakes take a gamble

Apr 29, 2021

a mutual business friend of Kevin Hourigan and Jeff Sterns was the late Gil Nickel of Far Niente Wineries. Jeff discovered the one thing that would make Gil walk straight out of a business meeting!!! Gil Nickel placed #4 in 1975 (with a car problem) in a 450SL  

Apr 28, 2021

2:17 the dot com bubble bursts, Kevin becomes CEO

5:00 Kevin guides the company to become one of the 2% of agencies to survive the dot com bubble.

6:44 Kevin buys majority of the company

9:52 Time for a re-brand

12:25 3 most influential people

13:50 the importance of mentors and continually learning

16:56 healthy...