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Dec 2, 2021

4:09 visual effects industry
4:15 global advertising and PR company
4:23 film industry, television producer
4:26 created the FIREBALL RUN television series
5:33 we bought a movie ranch SCARAMANGA. I was friends with Sir Roger Moore.
7:00 One Lap of America
8:05 private CANNONBALL RUN screening party....with the stars and crew
13:27 How FIREBALL RUN got its name
17:13 Dave Sterns promoted MEET THE BEATLES
23:41 J's grandfather was a POW in Japan. Pretended to be dead to escape.
26:08 The real deterrent to war
28:46 USA military weaponry: "So advanced it's ridiculous"
30:15 Tech borrowed from aliens?
31:37 a quantifiable group of friends who are astronauts
34:58 1956, you saw black diamond fly through the sky
35:54 astronauts not allowed to talk about UFOs
36:13 RUST Baldwin Bonanza Creek (adjacent to Sanchez' Movie Ranch) stuff
54:03 what % must be GLBT to have a vote??
59:31 regarding turquoise
1:00:29 Florida life
1:03:59 daily driver was a 76 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith ll
1:08:15 My dad was a typical Hispanic dad, you know, the sparks are flying... not gonna kill you!