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Sep 8, 2023

0:00 Man possibly high and probably naked, charged with DUI and leaving scene of crash involving property damage.
2:08 "A heroic dose"   
5:07 Cops  
7:00 blockade  
7:22 ran over a couple of the stop signs  
8:47 they asked me to get out of the car over the loudspeaker.  
9:12 I've got no clothes 
9:48 Ferrari was completely totaled.  
9:48 peeking while I was in jail. 
12:33 it was not good. My daughters heard it from their classmates.  
14:08 homeless,  
15:06 picking up a crack pipe  
15:58 driving around with 500 grand worth of gold Krugerrands in the trunk of my car
16:54 a woman came up to me and handed me a $20 bill. She said "you'll know what to do with this".  I signed myself into a detox  
19:19 Gaurdian Angels 
20:56 I was almost murdered in a hotel room. I was hogtied.  
23:46 I was writing the book   
25:51  I literally drove right through the arm of the guard gate. 
 25:51  jumped in the lake and I swam away, came out of the blackout, kneeling on the side of a car naked  
29:41 Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale. 
31:00 Call to the alter