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Dec 1, 2021

1:15 Happened at Bonanza Creek. Imogene Hughes 'the queen of the Western movie sets' was the owner a dear friend of J. Sanchez
2:25 in the business over 60 years-never had an incident
3:21 gross negligence
5:21 half the crew was sleeping on the ranch due to no time to travel to hotel
5:50 the armorer-she's going down first then it's on the AD then after that Baldwin. He can't play the 'I'm just an actor in this thing'.
6:51 he should have checked the weapon
8:40 The director is the linchpin and nobody's talking about it
9:27 they brought in it seriously under experienced armorer on a show that is going to be using shit tons of weaponry...on top of that...they gave her two other titles

10:52 this thing was bound to happen. They're cutting too many corners. This is just the most extreme. This is the most extreme thing, but something was gonna happen.