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Feb 12, 2023


9:13 THE FERRARI EFFECT / state of the car business

12:41 Ziegler Super Systems  

16:50 sales skills are not necessary right now 

23:51 "Every time we train a generation of factory people, they retire, we have to train another generation they all think they can run dealerships, they all think...

Feb 8, 2023

3:11 chasing balloons around the desert. Was this a peyote thing? 

7:50 Mars like terrain 

10:02 Is the Earth really flat?

13:08 people thought I was a traitor, because I'd worked with the Soviets so nobody would hire me 

15:39 the only thing I've really ever known for sure I wanted to do in life was race cars.   


Feb 1, 2023

0:35 SpaceX and Elon Musk

1:02 the US government...ICBMs to not carry nuclear weapons, but instead carry satellites into orbit. S Unknown Speaker

2:45 went into my study in called Elon back 

5:28 there was a guy named Bob Zubrin who had started the Mars society.

7:33 they had designed a plant growth chamber for Mars...