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Jun 27, 2021

In this 2 min video you will quickly learn why WALKAWAY can be a life saver for someone! Vince Beretta had a dream and idea that took him to the brink of poverty and literal homelessness. WALKAWAY is a program that allows car buyers to return a financed car to their dealer and have any negative equity taken care of. Hyundai bought and marketed the program and marketed it as HYUNDAI ASSURANCE. Hyundai grew 9% in a 22% down market. unheard of before or since!!! After this short promo you will be dying to see the full length show! WALKAWAY has been a blazing success with $900 million (CDN$) in premiums written and protected over $125 billion in car loans and leases! Select audio episodes available at As car loans got longer and longer and longer, and banks loaned more and more money against a car, people found themselves you know, zero down 0%. And people were financing extras, whether that be a warranty, or all the additional that they would add to a car, and cars depreciated faster than people paid them down. So that created that created a negative equity gap. And that's how gap insurance became popular. And basically walk away is gap for humans doesn't have to, you know, it's doesn't have to happen to your car, it happens to you personally, whether you lose your job, you get transferred out of the country, you lose your driver's license, something has happened to you, the individual who's driving and paying for that car, and you've lost your job. And you can no longer afford to make payments, the best thing for you to be able to do is save your credit rating, return your car. And you know, there's there's in Canada, it's about $1,000 of net dollars to the family income. When you return your car. It's not only the car payment, but it's the insurance and all the other ancillary things that are attached to your car and your car payment. That is about $1,000 of net to a consumer and I would imagine the number is about the same in the US. So having an extra 750 to $1,000 in your cash monthly cash flow can do a lot for a family who are in need, right? Oh, well, Vince, I mean, selling cars my whole life. And I already know I'm not as good of a Salesman as you because I never had to sell Chevette Cavalier, you know, etc, etc. So I mean, like, you're a real salesperson, so you built value in one of those suckers. But I've had in my 27 years in retail and my nine years not in dealerships, but friends still knowing that I'm from the business, people coming to me with an issue in their life or like, I would just like to be able to give my car back and they think that you know, maybe I give the dealer 1000 or two, it'll get me back out of it. And it really takes 5000 or really takes $10,000 to get them out of the thing. I couldn't imagine it being I'm trying to make this into a commercial. I just couldn't imagine it not being a relief. If something came up unexpected to be able to give it back to unless you have anything else to add. You're the founder, you're the creator of this program. And it's it's actually hard to believe that it wasn't thought of already to be honest. This has been Jeff Sterns connected through cars.