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Feb 15, 2021

I'm a television producer. I came up in the world of Motorsports working for NASCAR and I was with them for about five years, three seasons on the road with the IMSA WeatherTech Sportscar Championship. I've got two sports Emmy wins for the 100,000 cameras documentary series. I like to cook I'm pretty good at barbecue. You know, maybe that's what you think is most interesting because you're not interested at all at cars, which would be ironic.
0:46 I went to the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018. I went to rennsport with Porsche, Porsche and rennsport with Michelin and then also went to the mall with Michelin. And then I did a year of a show called THE TORQUE SHOW with Justin Bell and Tommy Kendall.
1:40 the number one thing right now is the documentary that we just put out. I produced my first feature length documentary last year, it was about cars and car culture, It's called BEST IN CLASS, the making of a concour d'Elegance. And it's available on any digital video or content rental platform, it's available for rent, I think it's 10 to buy it. It's a great story.
3:33 the audrain Automobile Museum in Newport, Rhode Island. (where film was made)
8:17 Speaking of millennials, I actually have a millennial anti theft device in my Honda Accord sport.
yeah, I was in not just the French guy who raised Ricky Bobby.
9:03 I was wanting to be a chef owner. And I was working through the restaurant industry.
11:18 nobodies. In fact. I mean, there I worked for a chef in Orlando, that my paycheck stopped cashing.
14:44 Valencia Community College had an incredible film program, I had to make a reel to present as part of my application.
19:04 I had taken a job shooting nightclubs, I was shooting like family photos. I was shooting wedding videos, I stumbled upon the opportunity to do West Walker's wedding video and Aspen which was a felt like a really big deal at the time. And I mean, it's a celebrity thing, whatever it was, but it was still a wedding video.
26:09 You know, you've honored and mentioned your dad and mom a number of times in this video, which just makes me love you more.
26:57 I remember Ferrari and Range Rover and Land Rover and then Bentley you had that big release party with the Continental GT. So you were very much in the luxury and sports car game. What I do remember specifically is maybe like once a month or so here comes a Ferrari 360 Modena and Jeff's like, hey, let's go for a ride.
28:44 my mom and I came over to the dealership and you took us for a ride on the the Range Rover proving ground.
30:34 What are these Porsches? Oh, those are GT3 cup cars....
31:06I Brett: "...I watch Formula One IndyCar NASCAR lower series, NASCAR dirt track modifieds. I go to my local short track here in Tampa, I really don't think that there's anything that beats the competition of sports car racing. So as a racing fan, and as a producer working on that look at the Ferrari 488 GTLM car, the full factory spec racecar, and you go that is the sexiest thing I have ever seen. How do people not want to watch this? it's gonna go out and bang doors with a Porsche 911 RSR.
33:42 Jeff talks about NASCAR with the actual cars that you drove on Monday.
35:08 Jeff talks about selling "used" Ferraris into the Tampa Bay market that may have had an impact on Ferrari opening a dealrership there.
38:49 Brett: "...did a lot of work with Michelin... went to the Goodwood Festival of Speed... went to Rennsport with... Porsche and rennsport... LeMans with Michelin...I did a show called THE TORQUE SHOW with Justin Bell and Tommy Kendall
39:28 Brett goes into what goes into being a TV producer.
42:21 Brett talks about BEST IN CLASS and the concour world.
44:41 Brett talks about why people are into cars.
45:31 Brett on places/events like: Monterey, Big Sur,Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Audrain Museum. Casa Ferrari. Rennsport. LeMans, World Endurance Championship , NASCAR.
52:54 What's in Brett's garage?
55:00 regarding manual trannys
57:00 Brett on some new cars available now.
1:02:03 I've met a lot of people through the sport. Tommy Kendall, Mark Martin, Justin Bell, Jay Leno
1:16:36 Brett's dream car: 82 or a 90 air cooled Targa top 911 like an SC
1:18:49 On being scared of Andy Ramker