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Mar 31, 2021

06:48 Ehren did some work with TV show TOP GEAR   

07:23 Ehren co-founds Devin Works watch company. 

07:50 got recruited by Karma automotive     

09:02  Ehren: "I popped out of the womb loving cars"

09:42 Ehren: "I remember actually calling the manufacturers and asking for brochures. So as a teenager, I was getting these brochures from like Mercedes Benz Rolls Royce Porsche, countless others, and that if I'm honest, that was kind of the spark that set the fire. They got me in the car business because when I realized when I got these brochures, they were first of all They were happy to send me these brochures. So they like that was so refreshing, I thought that they would just completely hang up on me. But then to get the brochure and unwrap it and take it out of the envelope and see that it was it came with a letter that was signed, albeit a rubber stamp signature by the president of Rolls Royce, North America, or the Vice President of Marketing for BMW, North America, just knock my socks off."  (this became Ehren's contact list when he bagan searching for a job in the wholesale new car business!) 

13:46 Ehren sent probably 100 letters out for that.

16:13  went at night to Fordham University in New York City, to get his MBA, with a specialization in marketing.  (after work while at Jaguar)

18:03 Jeff shows the award his father David Sterns received for promoting the album MEET THE BEATLES  

18:54 why Jeff's Dad got into the car business    

20:17 Jeff's Dad dealt in many interesting cars 

23:12 Jeff started selling cars after school- in high school. 

23:29 Ehren's parents force college 

24:24 Ehren: "The car business is something that is very difficult to get into and very difficult to get out of"  

26:05 Ehren joins Ferrari and for the first time is exposed to the ultra rich  

26:31 the difference between Ferrari customers and Lamborghini customers  


31:54 Jeff mentions Victor Muller CEO of Spyker and the similarity between the Lamborghini and Spyker owner is.

36:20 Enterprise Rental Car hiring and training 

36:58 The best hiring recruiter story   

38:42 taking part in the Ferrari challenge series.  traveling to Road America, or, you know, homestead or wherever, to Lime Rock  etc  

40:23 When Ferrari Challenge car owners get stuck in a Miami elevator...  

41:51 Ehren's exposure to the good and bad in the wealthy class 

43:01 a Ferrari Challenge driver joined the series to recruit into his Ponzi investment  

43:28 Jeff on what happens to people when they have wealth     47:49 Jeff had someone try to leverage him financially due to his need to take care of his son's special needs medical issues  

49:27 Ehren plugs his current employer, Ally Financial    

52:24 Ehren talks about the TOP GEAR USA project

54:29 how Donald Trump was involved in the TOP GEAR project   

59:02 What is a press car?  

1:01:02 Ehren talks about being gay in the car business   

1:04:06 Business has taken Ehren all over the United States and also the world 

1:04:50 Jeff:  "I've always said That what kids should do when they get out of school is travel. and sell cars retail for one year."

1:05:14 what 3 people would Ehren have to dinner?