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Oct 2, 2021

0:00 These were the flashiest vehicles. That's a problem during the Great Depression when people are standing in food lines
1:11 during E.L. Cord's time with the Auburn automobile company that he started the Cord Corporation with a list of over 60 companies. American Airways (later American Airlines). Stinson Airplanes. New York Shipbuilding Corporation. Real estate, television studios and radio stations, uranium mining, railroad transport, Checker Cab and the Yellow Cab, Safety Cab company, National Transportation Company.
2:38 Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) was established, in 1936, one of the first they were investigated was E.L. Cord and the Cord Corporation
3:07 Beverly Hills 56 room mansion
3:58 Cord 810 and 812...hidden headlights..." coffin nose" grill...louvers..fuel filler cap...Bendix transmission...semi-automatic transmission