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Oct 29, 2021

2:03 How did John end up at Road & Track? 4:36 How did Patrick Bedard bust onto the scene? 9:22 the job ad 13:12 did the advertising manufacturers dictate the content? 16:02 The Road & Track History Project 16:11 Locked down in Australia 6 mos 22:24 Road & Track as a magazine has lived through the major significant events that have taken place in the auto industry over the last 70, 80 years... 25:20 What was the one thing that kept Jeff out of U of M? 25:27 Brooklyn Poly Tech in New York 26:01 Hired by Ford Motor Company (Spitfire from Long Island to Dearborn) 29:01 senior in the engineering mechanical engineering program at the University of Michigan 29:45 MS and mechanical engineering with Chrysler 32:55 Woodward Garage 33:19 Barracuda and Trans Am racing 33:47 NASCAR / the winged supercars 41:41 Hemis and Marty Schorr 44:49 cam overlap explained 48:42 the 2 biggest innovations in automobile engineering 1:02:51 Radial vs Bias-ply explained 1:03:52 why gas won 1:09:49 something John would like us to know about him