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Jul 23, 2021

2:21 Spoke at Gary Vaynerchuk conference then Forbes Magazine approached.
3:33 Paul wanted to be a fashion designer, when he was young,
.8:09 it was always Land Rovers it was always Defenders
11:36 September 11 2019 is when the HELDERBURB Facebook page went up, with no Defenders to sell. Finished the first defender in February of 2020.
13:33 we fabricate a lot of our own parts. We have our own braking system. We also rework the engine....modern turbo, cylinder head, rework the injection pump. We go into the suspension- lower it by an inch... progressive spring. Polyurethane bushings, anti sway bars.
16:41 It takes over 3300 man hours to make this vehicle
19:18 I have people that will call me and they'll say I'm kind of scared to tell you what I want. Because I'm afraid you'll tell me no.
24:19 it's it's a it's like a membership site and the price of membership is a Helderburg bespoke Defender.
31:16 Paul's wife has to be the only girl she knew that had a boyfriend or fiance making clothes
34:40 Paul bought out Hemming's ad inventory for the year