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Sep 7, 2022

5:26 General Motors is in a position in the market that if they made a minor mistake, they really wouldn't show up too bad. 6:06 Xerox, Kodak, General Motors. And a little agency known as US Census Bureau 9:38 Ronald Reagan, we got deeply involved in that and got to know him and his family. [He didn't want to say what he was going to be helpful to him. He wanted to say, what he knew to be true. And what he wanted to do. That was a that was a really important insight to me.] 14:04 OnStar was really quite an undertaking. 17:51 Issues at Kodak 21:40 the key element in improving the decision making process is to record the process. 23:00 assumption 24:49 a good decision takes into consideration what the expected outcome is, and then lists the assumptions that have to be made, to create that outcome, and then to measure as best you can, with the extent to which those assumptions are true. 26:38 Following World War ll, GMs factories are making you military equipment. And so therefore, after the war, since there were no new cars during the war, there was an incredible increase in demand for vehicles. 30:00 automotive companies have always had what's called decision friction between engineering push, and consumer pull 37:44 inputs that research provided for OnStar 38:39 Kodak: digital versus silver halide 41:24 Vince's latest book, A SYSTEMS THINKING DECISION MAKING PROCESS. ...key takeaways for automotive professionals making decisions? 43:15 Avoid Burnt Toast. 46:21 When the shuttle was time to prepare the president's speech 52:57 GE was a very engineering push firm.