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Sep 24, 2021

Find Jim: 

 7:08 reading STOCK CAR RACING since I found my very first copy of it in a news stand underneath the elevated train line on Fulton Street, Brooklyn

7:26 Dr. Dick Berggren encouraged Jim to contribute articles to his magazine and later to pick up the camera for the first time

9:02 Past senior editor of Hemmings

11:09 in Bennington, THE BLUE BEN is a great diner that bakes tremendous triple berry pancakes

11:59 born in Brooklyn. Identify as a New Jersey

12:56 at Phoenix international raceway, I got to drive one of the last Buick GNXs ever built. I got to get taken out a lap around the track in the Grand National with Jim Crawford.

14:21 7 laps with Rusty Wallace in an IROC car 20:50 4 laps to the mat in the passenger seat of an AUDI 90 QUATTRO...and the prayers begin

21:32 no brakes at 140MPH in a Corvette Grand Sport

29:57 " many cases a shorter course tends to produce more readily digestible racing that you can consume all at once with a smile on your face"

30:09 Derek Bell to be grand marshal at the upcoming LeMans

30:44 earliest exposure to auto racing was in Brooklyn, which had a famous sports Speedway in Sheepshead Bay

36:31 Stock car racing at East Windsor Speedway was a destiny moment

40:23 found Langhorne Speedway completely by accident

41:56 Pine Brook Stadium used to exist on Route 46. The guy who placed second in the 3/4 midgets feature was Mario Andretti

41:50 Flemington Speedway magical unforgettable exciting compelling filthy dangerous loud eternally mobbed