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Sep 20, 2021

More on Mark (+support his retirement!) : Audio Show notes: 2:33 Jeff's good friend Mark Walters (who studied under Mark Stehrenberger) designed the Tomahawk (dual front wheel motorcycle) that Chrysler COO Wolfgang Bernhard rode out onto the stage at the 2003 Detroit Auto Show. 3:48 5:59 Mark illustrated for Road & Track for 25 years (1st cover: Porsche 928 prediction) 8:02 Mark's illustration's opened the door for going into auto design 11:08 Mark's favorite car THE FIAT MULTIPLA 13:30 A lot of personality for a German border Swiss 14:09 The Swiss Germans. They are very conservative on the outside but inside they are as kinky as you can imagine 16:21 The '59 Cadillac that brought Mark 17:53 The Cadijaguar and John Dinkel 19:17 Where Mark met Bertone 20:34 Same way Malcolm Bricklin met Henry Kissinger 22:37 Gas vs Electric vehicle expense test 27:12 The car that brought Mark to the US 29:00 Mark is usually connected with the Geneva Auto Show 31:09 What you don't know about Mark 32:17 The Ford Phaeton story 33:20 Mark's daily driver (Italian?) 33:44 How do you know when you've been robbed by an Asian woman? 34:15 Mark's father: "...Don't be impressed by titles because when they're on the pot, they smell like everybody else..." 35:38 Jeff and Mark on how to make the famous comfortable around you 40:15 Mark as an Art College teacher